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Australian Pet Shop supplies a number of conditioners that all play there part in the conditioning of your dogs coat. Washing your dog regularly is important to the well being and quality of life of your pet.

Conditioning after a shampoo wash will give your dog that finishing look and smell plus your dog will feel great. There are a number of medicated conditioners available from the Australian Pet Shop.

Australian Pet Shop also offers other Dog Grooming Products.

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Sensitive Creme Conditioner

Sensitive Creme Conditioner by Ivory Coat

$24.75 (AUD)
Creme Conditioner

Creme Conditioner by Fidos

FROM $13.50 - $104.75 (AUD)
Tangerine and Cocoa Butter Super Shine Conditioner

Tangerine and Cocoa Butter Super Shine Conditioner by Fuzzyard

NOW $69.95 (AUD)
WAS $89.95 (AUD)
Jojoba and Lavender Everyday Conditioner

Jojoba and Lavender Everyday Conditioner by Fuzzyard

NOW $69.95 (AUD)
WAS $89.95 (AUD)
Fre-Itch Rinse Concentrate

Fre-Itch Rinse Concentrate by Fidos

FROM $12.50 - $174.95 (AUD)
Permethrin Rinse Concentrate

Permethrin Rinse Concentrate by Fidos

$224.95 (AUD)
White and Bright Conditioner

White and Bright Conditioner by Fidos

FROM $10.75 - $95.75 (AUD)
Luscious Locks Spray

Luscious Locks Spray by Fuzzyard

$12.95 (AUD)
Out of Stock

Other Dog Grooming Products include . . .

Australian Pet Shop has a large range of pet products featured on the website. However, if there is something which you need that is not currently featured please contact us for a competitive quote on all your pet supplies.

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