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Australian Pet Shop has a quality range of ID Tags. ID Tags are a must for all your beloved pets. Your Dog needs an ID Tag so if your dog happened to go missing someone may catch him along the way knows his name, an address and a contact number for the owner.

ID Tags are available in a number of colours, sizes and designs from the Australian Pet Shop.

Australian Pet Shop also offers other Dog Tethering Products.

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Street Style ID Tags

Street Style ID Tags by Fuzzyard

NOW $3.75 (AUD)
WAS $4.45 (AUD)
Pet ID Tag

Pet ID Tag by Kramar

NOW $3.75 (AUD)
WAS $4.75 (AUD)
Out of Stock
Crystal Bone Pet Charm

Crystal Bone Pet Charm by Modpet

FROM $15.50 - $17.50 (AUD)
Crystal Heart Pet Charm

Crystal Heart Pet Charm by Modpet

$17.50 (AUD)
Fun Bottle Cap Pet Tags

Fun Bottle Cap Pet Tags by Modpet

$15.50 (AUD)
Heart Pet Charm with Bow

Heart Pet Charm with Bow by Modpet

$19.50 (AUD)
Shimmering Crystal Bone Charm

Shimmering Crystal Bone Charm by Modpet

$11.50 (AUD)
Shimmering Crystal Star Charm

Shimmering Crystal Star Charm by Modpet

$11.50 (AUD)

Other Dog Tethering Products include . . .

Australian Pet Shop has a large range of pet products featured on the website. However, if there is something which you need that is not currently featured please contact us for a competitive quote on all your pet supplies.

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