Grooming Cats

Taking care of your cats coat should start when they are a kitten and simply brushing their coat daily will get them into an excellent grooming routine. Long haired cats should have their coat trimmed on a regular basis and you can either choose to do this yourself or visit a pet grooming centre. If you have never trimmed your cats coat before its best to seek some professional advise beforehand.

Keeping your cats nails trimmed will help to prevent any nasty scratches and it is best to get your vet to show you how before you proceed. Of course your pet grooming centre can do this for you if you wish. There are many brushes available on the market that you can brush your cats coat with and some to look out for are ones with a flea comb, while others will have thick or thin bristles. You should choose the right brush for the thickness of your cats coat.

If you are planning on bathing your cat then its best to start from an early age as cats are not always fans of baths. If you find bathing your cat is do painful then a trip to the pet grooming centre is the easy way out. Keeping your cat well groomed is an excellent way to avoid fleas and ticks.


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