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Dog Nutrition

Puppies require more attention and care than full grown dogs and it is in the pups first six to twelve months that you should pay extra attention to their diet. In the first three months, to ensure that your puppy grows into a happy and strong dog you should feed them up to four small meals each day. After the first three months you can then move on to feeding your puppy twice a day.

Small meals are the key and overfeeding your pup may cause health serious problems in the future. Its always best to check with your vet on what you should and should not be feeding your puppy as dietary requirements do vary, depending on the breed.

Dogs like humans need a healthy balanced diet and you should choose a product that contains a healthy blend of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. There are a number of quality brands on the market and your vet will advise you whether you should be feeding your dog dry food or tin food.

Also equally important is having a constant supply of fresh clean water on hand so that you pet does not become dehydrated. Full grown dogs do not need as many meals as pups and usually only need to be fed once a day, but may require two meals if your dog is more active.

It is also important to remember to never give you dogs any cooked bones. Raw bones are okay and dogs love to chew on raw bones. Many people also feed their dogs raw chicken wings and necks. Chewing on raw bones is great for cleaning your dogs teeth and is also a great reward for good behaviour. Treats are often given to dogs during training and are an important part of your dogs life.


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