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Keeping Tropical Fish

How to Keep Tropical Fish

Much like goldfish before you purchase your tropical fish you need to keep in mind the size of the tank. You will need to consider how many fish you plan on keeping and ensure the tank will be large enough for your fishes growth. Your fish tank should be kept in a safe location and its a great idea to purchase a tank that comes with a stand of its own. Tropical fish should not be kept in direct sunlight and will need to be set up close to a power point for your tanks filter, heating and lighting requirements.

You can either choose to keep your tropical fish in fresh or saltwater and many people find that maintaining a fresh water tank is not as complicated. Keeping your tank at the correct temperature is important to the survival of your tropical fish. When you purchase your tropical fish you will be advised on the appropriate temperature. It is often a good idea to check the temperature of your tank on a regular basis and this is especially important within the first few weeks of keeping your fish. One important thing to remember when keeping tropical fish is to never turn of the filter and pump.

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