Cat Nutrition

Taking care of your new kitten is much like caring for a puppy in the amount of meals required within the first few months. Kittens should be fed three to four meals a day with a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals, protein and fat. Kittens are normally weaned of their mothers milk at six weeks of age but still can be given milk.

Some kittens are lactose intolerant and should be given specific kitten milk. It is best to give your kitten specially formulated kitten milk from day one to avoid any incidents if your kitten is in fact lactose intolerant. You can choose to feed you kitten either dry biscuits or tin food and sticking to the products instructions is highly recommended.

Once your kitten is three months old you can begin to reduce the number of meals to just three a day and finally reducing the meals down to just two a day at six months. Cats don't normally overeat so if your cat is still hungry after you've fed him or her there is nothing wrong with giving them seconds. Feeding your cat a diet of just meat is not recommended however feeding your cat raw chicken wings and necks is a great way to keep you cat's teeth clean and strong.

If you cats eating habits are ever a concern its best to consult your vet before taking any action. It is also always important to have a fresh supply of water on hand for your cat and should be kept next their food dish.


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