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Training Dogs

Training your dog from day one is vital if you want your dog to interact well with your family and friends. Teaching your puppy the basic commands at a young age is simple. Using healthy treats as a reward for doing as asked makes for a good incentive.

Teaching your puppy the basics such as how to sit, stay, come and fetch will be a great start and makes for a much more rewarding life for both you and your dog.

Toilet training your puppy can be difficult but having a designated toilet location will be a huge help. Regularity in your dogs life is important and training your puppy will be easier if you set regular toilet times. Putting newspaper down in your home is not a great idea as this will send your dog the message that its okay to go inside. Some people find succh, however, in slowly removing the newspaper over days until it reaches the back or front door. Once the puppy consistantly uses the paper by the door, it is removed and the puppy will wait by the door to go outside.

Rewarding your puppy will help encourage them to go in the same spot each and every time. If you puppy does leave a mess on your carpet be sure not to raise your voice or punish your dog as doing so will only scare your dog. Its important to clean the area thoroughly so that the area is scent free. If you stick to your routine it will be easier to toilet train your dog.

When walking your dog its best to keep them on their lead. Always check for signs in public parks and beaches as severe fines can be incurred. Not picking up your dogs accidents in parks etc will not make you popular with your neighbours. Teaching your dog simple dog etiquette will see your dog enjoying your outings even more as dogs love to play with other dogs.

When walking your dog it is a good idea to teach them to sit and stay before crossing the road and only crossing on your command. This will encourage them to stay off the roads and keep them out of danger. If you are ever having trouble training your dog enrolling you dog into puppy or dog school is a great head start and best done as early as possible.


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