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Cleaning Fish Tanks

Cleaning your tank on a regular basis is important and should be done approximately every two weeks if you have a small tank. If you are keeping a larger tank it is only necessary to clean the tank once a month. When cleaning the tank you will need to remove approximately 25 percent of the water and top up with fresh water.

To ensure that your fish lives a long and happy life you must regularly check the nitrite, nitrate, ammonia and pH levels which should be kept between a level of 6.0 and 8.0 for gold fish, the pH levels for tropical fish does vary and you are best to get this advise from a professional. The best way to ensure the water in your tank is kept at the correct level is by purchasing a pH testing kit. If you are ever ussure on the pH level of your tank its best to visit your local aquarium store and ask for expert advise for your particular species.

Goldfish are quite hardy fish and can survive in a variety of conditions and can be kept indoors and outdoors in ponds. The temperature of the water is not as important as aquarium fish but is usually best to be kept at 4 to 41 degrees.

Another important part of cleaning your tank is to clean the side of the tank which will ensure that any settled algae has been removed. Once you have done this you can then empty the water supply in your tank. The best way to empty your tank is by using a siphon and be sure to suck up as much dirt that has settled on your tanks gravel or stones.

When replacing the water in your tank you must ensure that the water has been dechlorinated as chlorine in fish tanks can be fatal. Dechlorinating your tank is as simple as adding a sodium thiosulphate solution to your tank and your local aquarium expert will inform you of the quantity suitable for your tank. Cleaning all of the accessories in your tank is not necessary and the build up of bacteria can be beneficial to your goldfish.

The next stage of cleaning your tank is rinsing out the fish filter and removing any excess waste. When adding fresh water into your tank you should ensure that it is close to the temperature of the existing water in the tank. Some people recommend that the fresh water added into the tank should not come directly from the tap and should be at room temperature. Once you've added your fresh water you should then check that your pH level is correct.


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