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New Dogs

When introducing new pets to existing pets the first thing you should check is that the new pet is completely vaccinated. It is never a good idea to leave your new dog alone with your first dog as this is when aggression can occur. Introducing two males can be difficult as your current dog is most likely to be highly territorial. It is possible for two males to get along with each other but you must be able to spend plenty of time with your pets.

When you bring your new dog home the key is to set up a special area for him or her that is separate from your current dog. Be sure not to rush the introduction process and having your two dogs meet up for short meetings is one of the best ways to do this. If you are not sure how your dogs will behave around each other, putting your new dog on a leash is one of the better ways to control the situation. Having your two dogs meet up on regular occasions over the first few days of bringing your new dog home is important to your success.

It is not uncommon for your new dog to be threatened by your current dog and spending equal time with each dog will bring you great rewards. Remember not to treat you new dog any different to your current dog as this will only create jealousy and bad behaviour. If your new dogs are able to get along well together then meal times should be set at the same time for each dog.

Another popular and successful technique is of course rewarding your dogs for good behaviour. If you persevere and spend quality time with each dog your new family is sure to get along just fine, you just need to have plenty of time up your sleeves. If you are ever not sure about your dogs behaviour checking with your vet or professional dog trainer is recommended.


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