Exercising Dogs

Exercising your dog on a regular basis is important for providing you and your pet with a balanced lifestyle. Walking your dog on paved paths and tracks is a great way of keeping your dogs nails short without the ordeal of trimming them.

A nice quality lead can make the exercise more comfortable and a great way to personalise the experience. There are many styles of leads to choose from and its a great idea to have a bag for your doggy poop attached to the lead so that you can avoid any embarrassing moments.

Dogs also love to run free and taking your dog to your local dog park is a great way for your dog to interact with other dogs. Besides dog leads there are many other accessories, some of them designed to protect your dog from the elements. Just like humans dogs are sensitive to the harsh effects of the sun and it is a good idea to have some dog sunscreen handy for those hot days.

Protecting your dogs eyes is also important. Your dog can look like a star in his or her own sunglasses that are made especially for them. If you are planning on walking your dog in the evenings then wearing reflective clothing is a great idea, some leads and collars can be bought that are reflective too.


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