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Andis Easy Clip® Groom MBG2 Grooming Clippers

Andis Easy Clip® Groom Clippers are fast, durable and versatile. The power of these clippers translates into easy work for groomers and pets. . . . read more

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Product Details

Andis Easy Clip® Groom Clippers are fast, durable and versatile. The power of these clippers translates into easy work for groomers and pets.


Ideal for complete body grooming on thin to thick coated dogs.

  • Extremely powerful, yet compact
  • Adjustable and detachable blade options available
  • Most detachable blade clippers work with all UltraEdge blades


  • Clipper
  • Size 10 Blade
  • Clipper Oil

NOTE: Colour of clippers may vary from that shown in the photo example.

Additional Info


Step 1 : Wash
It is important to thoroughly wash and condition your dog’s hair to remove all dirt and debris from the coat. Using a flea shampoo will help remove and uninvited guests! Always rinse with luke warm water after lathering.

Step 2 : Dry
Towel dry to remove excess water and then use a hand dryer to thoroughly dry the coat. (IMPORTANT : Ensure the hand dryer is set to cool / warm setting and not hot, to avoid overheating your pet). Always allow your dog access to drinking water during grooming. Your dog’s coat must be thoroughly dry before attempting to clip hair. A wet coat will only cause the clipper to snag and cause premature corrosion of the blade.

Step 3 : Comb
A comb, slicker brush or rake can be used to effectively remove knots and tangles from your dog’s coat. This can be done during the drying stage, but it is imperative that all knots are removed prior to clipping. The end of the Andis Pet Groomer blade is a comb and needs to be able to glide through the coat in the same manner as a regular comb.

Step 4 : Clip
It is now time to clip. Providing the first 3 steps have been followed, you should have no problem grooming your dog. Please remember to periodically re-oil the blade whilst grooming. Regular oiling will enable the blade to cut smoothly and reduce heat generation in the blade. A blade that may be struggling to cut should be re-oiled or may need re-sharpening or replacement.

Blade Care
Providing the 4 preparation and clipping steps have been followed, you can expect to obtain around 6-8 clips, depending on the breed size and amount of clipping required. After grooming, it is necessary to wipe the blade free from hair, thoroughly oil the blade and re-attach the plastic guard, before returning the clipper to its case for storage. This will help to lengthen the life of the cutting blade.

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