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Flea and Tick Control

Australian Pet Shop provides great flea and tick control products. Having your cat up to date with flea and tick treatment is very important to there life style as well as yours. If ticks are not treated they can cause your pet to be paralysed.

Fleas on the other hand can infest your household and furniture and start to irritate not just your cat but the family as well. Flea and Tick control is one of the most important responsibilities as a pet owner. Stay on top of fleas and ticks and treat your cats today.

Australian Pet Shop also offers other Cat Health Products.

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Advocate for Large Cats (Purple)

Advocate for Large Cats (Purple) by Advocate

FROM $46.95 - $81.95 (AUD)
Advocate for Small Cats (Orange)

Advocate for Small Cats (Orange) by Advocate

FROM $44.95 - $76.95 (AUD)
Advantage for Large Cats (Purple)

Advantage for Large Cats (Purple) by Bayer

FROM $48.75 - $64.75 (AUD)
Advantage for Small Cats (Orange)

Advantage for Small Cats (Orange) by Bayer

FROM $49.75 - $61.75 (AUD)
Frontline Plus for Cats (Green)

Frontline Plus for Cats (Green) by Boehringer Ingelheim

FROM $47.15 - $78.25 (AUD)

Other Cat Health Products include . . .

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